Joshua and Evie flew into Denver to head up to Summit County, Colorado to go skiing and snowboarding at Copper Mountain ski resort. How perfect would this opportunity be for the big question! Deciding that Colorado was the place to pop the big question, there was no questions to go all out. Here at Molly Cross Photography we are all about adventures and epic views which was exactly what this couple got for their proposal. From the night before the snowfall set the picturesque scene and together we hiked and post holed through fresh snow to epic mountain views. She SAID yes!

Now what you don’t see for an epic adventure like this…

Wake up at 5am

Leave at 5:50 to get to parking lot at 8am to meet them at 9am

Notice GPS is adding time as I drive into Denver

Panic and Anxiety starts as I see traffic grow by 30 minutes… 45 minutes and then tooo..yup, I am going to be late.

Pray that client opens their email as they asked me NOT to text as girlfriend would see and know.

Client says they’re running late and would be 15 minutes behind me.

Got to location mentally prepare myself for the best session ever.

Clients come 15 minutes after I arrived

Client starts the hike and I follow stealthy behind them like the plan.

The path is narrow and packed and then the snow becomes deeper

Clients post hole and are laughing and having a great time

Holding two camera bodies on a harness keeping my gear from dragging in the snow as I post hole more in the snow.

I get stuck and I loose them over the ridge and can’t see them. Panic sets in. He was booking it.

I get my hand out to help push me up from the deep post holes as we continue to go further.

I get up to the ridge and my hand is in much pain from the snow

He drops down on a knee so fast and she says YES in the most epic spot ever

After she says yes realize my hand is in shock and going into frostnip. I quickly wrap my hand in my beanie and warm it up.

Clients and I continue the rest of the session in the most perfect blue bird sunny day

THE END (I can’t wait for my next adventure session!)

Proposal at Copper Mountain, Colorado

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